The world and everything all around us is changing. The managers working condition are also changing. In the past, Manager's role was mainly limited to the role of overseer, but now, when employees are mostly people of the „Y” generation, who care for their freedom, identity and independence, much more is expected from the Manager. The DEAL program prepared by NAT allows the participants of the program - the Managers - to get to know and understand themselves and their behaviors in stressful situations. And if we understand ourselves, it's easier for us to understand the others…
- I know myself and my behavior - more than one of you would say - but are you sure? In the small companies, in the large corporations there is no day without a stressful situation, but is it a stressful situation? Does your, your co-workers or employees life depend on it? No? So what's the name of the situation? How do you call that?
Today, in times of consumption, more often we want "TO HAVE" than we want "TO BE", that is why we get stressed.
We will take you on a journey, where stress appears in the way of TO BE. You will go back to the times when the original instincts worked and you will find them in yourself and you will also use them. You will look "into yourself”, not just like the internet browser that tells you „how to live”.
At the end I have some questions:
How do you want to live?
Do you want "TO HAVE" or "TO BE"? Or both?
Do you want to be an overseerer or to be a Real Effective Leader?
Find yourself, find us, find NAT!