In a well-arranged trip you will see not only the desire of people to explore. You can get to know their flaws, weaknesses and what annoys them. To see these characteristics - is one thing, to know how to overcome them - is another. We have nearly 15 years of experience in building cooperation between the most impatient individualists. We know the method to turn separate individuals into a coherent, cooperative team. The world is only a background for human transformation and thanks to our Incentive Travels, it is possible to harmonize and merge the team. We just teach attraction.


Team-building scenario - through play and competition, we are helping to build integrated team of employees. We provide not only transportation, accommodation and meals but also a play scenario developed by specialists in order to make an impact of the trip more effective towards relations between employees.

Extreme - off-road expeditions, bungee jumping, white water rafting, zorbing, racing, dog sledding, horse riding, snowmobile tours, ballooning, parachuting, boat rides, kayaking, rafting, scooters and other integration activities containing elements of survival and adventure.

Recreational - one or more days long trips, mainly in beautifully situated villages in Poland but also abroad to the most distant and exotic parts of the world.