We carefully select local partners and guides. We test security guarantees and efficient resolution of any emerging issues offered by them, especially those concerning life. In different countries approach to hygiene and health is different. There are places where you need influential relationships in order to receive safe medical assistance which meets our requirements. In such situations, it is important to have the right people able to "return us to the living".

In difficult situations, it is essential to have knowledge about how and with whom to talk. Countries and cities we visit are in constant progress. Often one can stumble upon surprising changes which were not mentioned on the Internet. Befriended local partners will sell us important news and rumors just in time. This makes us a unique company in the market.

We carefully choose those who are wise, creative, experienced and flexible in operation. Often we focus on cooperation with world leaders in luxury travel, such as: Abercrombie & Kent. Thanks to many years of cooperation with them, we take into account the needs of sophisticated consumers looking for an unforgettable experience. We have the most extensive system of professional guides as well as fleets of cars and boats. We compose a set of partners depending on customers needs, target countries and cultures, which determine the mode of preparation and implementation of the trip.

“I wanted to give people feelings
I had experienced while traveling.
Freedom, adventure, curiosity, fascination, tastes,
colors, scents.

I did not think about creating a company.
The need to share my experiences was first.
What I saw, what I like, without which I cannot live.
And today, as we prepare another trip in
Nowak Adventure, people say – Arek, to Thailand,
Argentina or Antarctica – we are not going without you
- so there we go.”
Arkadiusz Nowak